Sunday, July 31, 2016

Chaos of Trouble.

It's true, throughout the year I have absolutely no time for anything else than learning. I might be a nerd, but at least I reach all my goals and I don't regret anything. However, I try to make everything up during the summer break.

In-between working, booking flights and packing, I try to realise as many challenges of my Day Zero Project as possible! & to be honest, I really enjoy it.

I will try to read out two books this week and complete two other challenges. One of them is wearing a dress or skirt every day to work. I think I can do that. 

17 VIII 2015

This week I finished two drawings and I already have a third idea.

The main reasons why I enjoy drawing is because I find balance between my mind and body. It's like yoga. However, I find this much more fun. Most of the time I proceed by going to WeHeartIt, I find some inspiration and I make up my own ideas. 
27 VII 2016

It's also very easy for gifts. Whenever you have to celebrate something, you can make a personal post card or turn a casual lamp into a cute home decoration. I believe the best gifts are the ones, into which you put your time and heart.

Being creative helps against boredom. If you're a home-person, it always challenges you. You can work on it for for 24 hours or a year. You choose. Besides, creativity is a great concentration exercise. 

30 VII 2016
Another creative idea is an art diary or an own cook book with all your favourite recipes. I've got one with my favourite cake recipes. I should update it, though.

I believe my home will be decorated with all kinds of creative ideas.  

I've finally made a place on my blog for my drawings. 
I will try to keep this page updated or check out my Instagram!

Have a creative or lazy Sunday.

MissCherry xo

Thursday, July 7, 2016


As my holidays just started I can share with you some pictures I took in Warsaw. Every summer I want to discover a part of Poland, as I find it a shame to know the whole world except for your own country. This year I got the opportunity to explore Warsaw. I must admit I am impressed. I thought it is a grey city, where the marks of the Second World War are predominantly visible and that the romantic old capital is Cracow. 

I was only two full days in Warsaw, which is obviously not enough to see everything. But maybe it's a good thing? Because I am in the mood to come back! The days were quite sunny and that made it much more pleasant. 

First I went to Pałac Nauki i Kultury. The history of the building is duller than I thought, but I still find it very impressive. If you want to visit it, do not only choose for the Viewing Terrace. There were plenty of people buying tickets for it, while I had to wait for a second person to arrive for a tour in the building. It is only 40 minutes of history. Go for it! :)

This is the view on the 30th Floor a.k.a. the Viewing Terrace.

Here you have Copernicus

Church of the Holy Cross

The gate of the famous University of Warsaw
One of the two best universities in Poland

& their library 

Kościół Wizytek
Or in English 
Church of St. Joseph of the Visitationists

The Presidential Palace

Piłsudski Square

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The Saxon Garden

The Grand Theatre

The statue of the famous Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz

The symbol of Warsaw
Syrenka Warszawska

Here you have it again, but somewhere else in Warsaw

I like this picture :) In the background you see the National Stadium 

This is in front of the Copernicus Science Centre. I suppose it's very interesting, but make sure you buy tickets online. When I arrived, too many people were in the centre and that's why they stopped selling tickets. I queued for 40 minutes and in the end I left. 

So I decided to go to Łazienki! Most of it is just a park, but there are some surprises inside. One of my favourites were the squirrels, that are absolutely not afraid of humans. However, I was a little scared of them haha :)

The famous statue of Fryderyk Chopin

& once again, Pałac Kultury i Nauki

Do not think Warsaw is grey. It's a mixture of old and modern, definitely worth to spend there some days of your holidays!

MissCherry xo