Friday, November 20, 2015

20 Days of Missed Steaks

Hi Guys !

I haven't written in a while because I had lots of things to do. First of all I submitted my form for the Erasmus exchange. I was thinking and re-thinking what my Top 3 destinations should be. In the end I chose two universities in the UK and one in Ireland, so all I need to do now is pass all my exams, which sounds easier than it actually is. Wish me good luck !

Today we're November 20th! Which means I haven't been eating meat for 20 days now! 

There are different types of being a Vegetarian, but I chose to be a Pescetarian, which means that I do eat fish. 

I don't know what I can say about it. I think you should feel it. I have been eating less meat since 6 years, but every year the portions became smaller. That's why I decided to give it a try and live without meat for a while. I don't promise anyone that I won't eat meat ever again, but I will try not to  during November and afterwards we'll see. The good part is that I don't have any strange cravings. Except for chocolate, but I had that before too, so you shouldn't be worried. 

The reaction of others ? They were surprised of course. My mom started to give me a speech about iron as I often have an iron deficiency, while my friends didn't quite understand why. Especially the guys who kept on repeating : "Oh, I can't do it. My body REALLY needs meat." Hahaha, that's a typical male answer. 

What is my opinion? We're living in the 21st century, right? So believe me, you won't starve while not eating meat. There are so many substitutes for meat, like tofu, hummus, soy, cheese or even soy-cheese! Besides, there are so many delicious Italian dishes without meat or Asian dishes without meat. So let's be honest, it's just a habit on which everyone can work if they put some effort into it. 

In real life, I am not one of those annoying people trying to convince others to become a vegetarian, but I think eating meat like twice a day is not necessary and even unhealthy. Which means 1-0 for me :)

I wish y'all the absolute best, eat cake 'cause it's Clifford's birthday ! 

Love y'all,

MissCherry xo 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trust, Disgust & Pie Crust

Hi Guys !

I planned to write today, but it's almost midnight and I have one unfinished sentence. 

Today I had my fourth driving lesson and it didn't go as smoothly as the precedent three ones. I basically can't turn, because I start way too late and it goes wrong, but my instructor is very patient so I should be fine. Or at least I hope that.

However he also said to me today : "Aleksandra, you should trust other road-users much more" and my brain was like "Are you kidding me???" - this basically made me highly doubt that I'm ever going to pass my driving test, which caused that I got into a bad mood. To brighten up my day I decided to buy 5SOS' new album SOUNDS GOOD FEELS GOOD! If you know me well enough, I almost never leave the mall with one thing. The other thing I bought was Fall Out Boy's last album (I guess) which is AMERICAN BEAUTY. I listened to it so many times, but let's be honest Novocaine gives me a headache. 

This post was going to be about trust, but there's not much I can say about it. However, during my last exam session I was reading my Political Theories and International Institutions book and there was a really nice paragraph about it.

"The fear of becoming dependent actually means that we're scared to trust others. Therefore we start practicing deference reflexes. The shame of being dependent causes that the trust and bond between people is being ruined. To learn how to trust others, we need to stop being scared of getting hurt."
- Sennett 

"The feeling of self-worthiness dependents on the question if others can trust us."
- Levinas

"To be trustworthy we need to feel that we're needed."
- P. Ricœr 

I think it's funny I found those in a chapter about capitalism and economy!

That's all for today, I'm really tired now, so I hope this post makes sense haha! Next week I'm going to write about me being a Vegetarian for one week :) This week I drank 2.5 liters of water instead of 1.5 and I already noticed some small differences, so I hope I can keep this up. Sunday I'm starting one week without meat! Like I tweeted back this week, I wanted to try Meatless November, but that might be too much and I don't want to feel bad about my possible failure. 

Love y'all,

MissCherry xo

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Different Definition

Hi Guys ! 

I'm sitting in the kitchen right now, waiting at my Bunny to hop out of its cage. I have it since three days and it's still a little scared, but it's doing better :) It's so cute! I've never had a bunny before, so I'm reading every day a little about these mysterious animals haha!

It's all about compromises. My mom wanted to buy a pug, I wanted to buy a cat, so in the end we bought a Bunny. It's still chewing on hay, absolutely not in the mood to leave the cage I guess! But that's not what my Post will be about... 

I want to write a small note to somebody, who is a representative of a certain mentality. So I basically want to write to all the cool kids who are like-minded.

I am a Scorpio, which means I am quite good at analysing people's behaviour. I'm not an expert, but I am good at it. So here comes my story : A while ago I met a guy, we went out and everything seemed to be fine. However, I noticed that he has this weird way of looking at others. He was very confident and in my opinion he was convinced that everything he did in life was the absolute best. 

I'm not saying that his approach to life is bad - it is good. If he enjoys it, that's perfectly fine with me, but those kind of people need to understand that there isn't one model of a happy human being. We are all different and every one of us was defined by so many factors. Some people don't feel like opening up in front of everyone. Others feel great about telling all their future plans. Some people eat chocolate piece by piece. Others bite into the chocolate bar. No matter which one of them you are, both are doing the right thing. 

If someone isn't into talking, it means they are good listeners. It doesn't mean you have to convince them to talk more. If someone doesn't like some sort of music, it doesn't mean their taste in music is bad. If someone doesn't feel like bungee-jumping, it doesn't mean they are wasting their life. 

It's that simple. 

If you notice that someone is different than you, don't try to change them. If that person asks you or shows you that they would like to do things differently in life - help them. Don't push them! It makes them feel uncomfortable. It makes them like you less, not more. You are not the perfect example of a human being. You are only the perfect definition of "How to be Yourself". 

This means that there are no borders. Even when someone goes beyond your border, it's still art!


MissCherry xo 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Travel Your Life

Hi Guys !

I have slightly more than a week of my holidays left. I am actually excited about the new year. Last year I was very focused on my studies, but this year I would like to enjoy being a student as well. That's why I became a Buddy for Erasmus Students, I hope to meet many people from all around the world and have a lot of fun. And yes, I still want to pass all my exams - Priority Número Uno :)

So before this years starts again, I'd like to evaluate my year by going through all my goals I've enumerated in the Blog Post New Chapter. Oh and a cool thing I'd like to share with you - yesterday I went to buy a book, but of course I failed, because I came back with three books and many others small things - but one of the books is actually a Diary with 365 questions, so that's a question for every day and you answer it during 5 years and realise how much you really change. I love the idea ! Apparently some questions are easy, others are more philosophical. I am absolutely in love with it :)

Let's start off :)

It's really awkward that this was my Number One, haha ! Whatevah :) So yes, there are many handsome guys at uni, in my group there are two handsome guys. However, one smokes and the other one has a bad hygiene, hahah I am way too honest sometimes ! But I didn't mention any names :) So I met guys this year but none of them was real Boyfriend Material. 

#Soul mates
This year, I met many new people and I enjoyed it a lot ! It was fun to listen to different opinions and laugh at different jokes. Oh, uni is music for the soul :) However, I didn't meet a real Soul mate. I met one girl with whom I wasn't real friends, we didn't feel the need to contact each other all the time, but when the summer came we wanted to hang out, that was fun ! We think about several abstract things the same way and we laugh at the same things, so she might be a nice person. Time will tell :)
I also met another person, this time it is a guy. It was really strange how we met, because we met through a dating app. I always was like "UH NO, Dating Apps are for losers" haha ! Seems like I'm one of those Losers now, but I actually don't really care. So yeah, he had original ways of seeing the world, but unfortunately he was only a soul mate for one season. Let's call it a Spring Soul Mate

#Master Degree
It is still far, but I'm one step closer :) I nailed my first year at uni ! I am so proud of it, but Mom seems to be even prouder of it, because she tells it to Every Single person she meets. It's like "Oh ! Hi ! This is my daughter - she passed all her exams at uni." and I stand next to her like "Jupp, that's really awkward, Mom", haha ! 
I have new ideas for the future, which I'm happy about, because I feel a little bit safer :) But I don't plan too much, so we'll see which move will be the smartest at that certain period of my life.

I am still bad at this, haha ! I didn't go to any party this year, but I went to live parties ! Hell-o ! That's much more spectacular ! I saw Ed Sheeran, 5 Seconds Of Summer and One Direction LIVE ! That's much cooler than a party in my opinion. 
I know that's not the point of this paragraph. So no, I didn't go to any party this year :) I'll might go this year, but I am not seeing forward to it, haha

#Stay Lexie
I love the way I described it in my old Blog Post. I think I'm still the same person, but I have new opinions and ideas. I still do the nerdy things I used to do when I was bored in High School like baking and knitting. I am quite proud of it. That's original after all !
I am still a fangirl, maybe I have less symptoms than I used to have in High School, but I am still slightly shaking when I buy tickets and I am super happy when I hold them. Being a Fangirl should be a profession, that cost a lot of money, stress and emotions ! 

#Fit Soul in Fit Body ?
This is actually true ! When I exercise regularly I feel much better. I feel calm and I am much more confident. Feeling confident is making my days brighter. However, there are days when I lock myself up and it makes me anxious and I absolutely can't change it. It happens and it's time to get used to it.
So yes, I didn't have gym class anymore. THANK GOD ! I absolutely hated it in High School, haha ! I only liked Korfball - the most unknown ball sport EVER, haha ! #AnythingButOrdinary It wasn't aggressive which made me like it. However, I was so into the game that I got aggressive myself ! Hahaha ! Once, I wanted to catch the ball and my friend, who is much taller than me, wanted to catch it as well and he pushed me and I fell against a wall. Yes, you read it correctly ! It makes me laugh now, but then something cracked in my back and I felt tackled for real that one time, BUT I still love Korfball :)
So now I am into Morning Runs and Swimming ! Yes, I'm waiting for your applause 

#Travel the World
This year I should start choosing a country where I would like to spend some time to study to learn one of the languages I study in real daily situations. I am excited about it, but also a little bit scared. It's gonna be fun, Lexie, don't worry, it's gonna be fine. (You see that's how I talk with myself. One part of me is scared and the other one comforts it, haha !)
But I travelled to London this year ! It was only for one day, but we did a lot and I absolutely loved it ! Oh, and as a Buddy, I will "travel" by meeting people from all around the world who travelled with their culture to Belgium ! :)

#French Friends
You see, during one year many many things change. I feel less awkward while speaking French for example. I still don't enjoy talking French with people who have French as their mother tongue. I think I should get rid of my perfectionism, but whatever. That's how it is. However, that girl I spoke about in the paragraph Soul mates is one of the people I speak French with and I don't feel awkward. That's probably because her mother tongue is Flemish. 
A new thing is that I love to think about French. I like to speak French in shops and other institutions and use all those grammatical constructions. I remember when I was in year 2 - I hated French at school and I thought "Omg, I will never study this in the future". See, that's how we change. I love what I'm doing now :)

#Pwetty Attitude
I'm still anxious and I actually think it got worse, but I am more confident, less shy, more chatty, less grumpy, more flirty & happy ! :) That's actually true, no joke 


Well, that's one thing I failed at this year. I really didn't have the time to write that much and when I did, I preferred to do something else than sitting at home in front of my laptop. I'm both sorry and not sorry about it. I still like to write, so I hope I won't abandon this blog.


MissCherry xo

John Mayer and Keith Urban at the Crossroads Guitar Festival back in 2013.
My teacher showed us several videos while we were learning about guitars in High School.
However, only this one got stuck in my head. 
Afterwards I realised that the guy in the flower-printed shirt and the artist on my iPod were both the one and only John Mayer, haha

Monday, September 7, 2015

Just Maybe

Maybe suicide isn't the side effect of life, 
Maybe suicide is the side effect of pain.

Maybe a smile isn't the side effect of happiness,
Maybe a smile is the side effect of pain.

Maybe tears aren't the side effect of pain,
Maybe tears are the side effect of happiness.

Maybe tears are the ones that heal us,
Maybe smiles are the ones that hurt us.


Hi Guys,

I love quotes so much, maybe that's because they usually reassure me that I'm not crazy. That my thoughts, my fears and doubts are normal. Poetry started to inspire me as well this summer. It doesn't always have to rhyme, I just enjoy when it makes me feel like "yes, exactly. This is so true, this is what I needed to read". Such feelings make me feel so peaceful. 
I wrote this poem in August 2014. The words "side effect" have been inspired by The Fault In Our Stars - the book I read that summer. The poem is about suicide, because that's what happened to someone I know. He always seemed such a happy person, but his last string broke. This is about him and many people who hide behind a smile and aren't actually happy at all. I hope you like it. If I write other poems, I'm going to post them as well. 


Miss Cherry xo

Friday, September 4, 2015

Paper Towns

Hi Guys!

I finally went to see Paper Towns! I read the book in July and I only remembered the highlights of the story, so I hope my opinion will be rational.First of all, around 70% of the book consists of Q looking for Margo. While reading, I must admit I got bored sometimes, because he kept on looking for clues, but he couldn't find anything. However, it fascinated me how devoted he was to find her - a girl he barely knew, a girl who was mean to him and only needed him when everything went wrong. The movie was different. It went fast, he kept on finding clues so easily, he barely did an effort. The disappointing part is that the viewer didn't even receive the chance to think where the clues and Margo might be. The clues showed up on the screen and a few seconds later Q found them. So that was a malus to me.
Another thing I'd like to mention, is that I enjoyed the quiet shout-out to The Fault In Our Stars. When I saw the trailer for the first time, the presence of Nat Wolff surprised me, but in a good way. He isn't a steaming hot model, but that's a good thing to me, it made the story more real. His dorky facial expressions completed the whole story. That's exactly what the actor to play this role needed to be. A dorky person, who has absolutely no experience with girls and expresses his love in the most unpredictable ways with words no one would use. That's why I like him. Nat Wolff, you go Nat Wolff! 
But the most surprising scene was Ansel Elgort showing up as the cashier. It was a woman in the book, wasn't it? Whoever thought of putting him into the movie for less than 10 seconds knows how to do his job correctly!

Cara Delevingne. She deserves her own paragraph. What can I say? I'm positively surprised. Cara Delevingne seemed to me a model like every other. And models were in my head girls who were rich because of their body, while their brains were on level -23 of intelligence. I had quite a bad opinion about models. I don't know why. Just like football players. Many people see them as gods, but I feel like they became football players, because they weren't smart. Even my math teacher told us once : "There are men who fall for women for their legs and there are women who fall for men for their legs, but most of the time they fall for each other". He was talking about football players and models. 

But let's come back to the point - Cara Delevingne was a stranger to me. All I knew about her was that she became popular all of a sudden by being a hot model, who uses drugs and has a list with everyone she had sex with and puts scores on their performances. So yeah, no big wonder that she had a bad reputation. But let's forget that for a moment. I wonder if being famous involves playing a role most of the time? That might be the case to have some privacy. One way or another, she played her role quite well. I don't know what the standards are, but she played the perfect role. She had to be hot, mysterious and rebellious. She is all of it in real life. I think she made a good decision by doing something else than only modelling. I always saw her looking stunning on red carpets, but this time I saw her being a normal girl. She wore oversized hoodies, skinny jeans and sneakers. She didn't wear make-up that made her look like a goddess. She was a casual girl and thank to the movie and the close-ups we can see that she's a girl like every single one of us. Maybe one of those girls who prefer adrenaline pumping through her veins, but she's just a human being. I believe she's a normal girl. 

Emotions. The book made me think a lot. There were many quotes I loved reading over and over again. However, the movie didn't contain most of them. The emotions weren't strong enough in the movie. The funny parts made me laugh and they involved Ben most of the time. However, after Margo and Q's magical night, the emotions kind of left. I didn't feel how much Q cared about her. Like I said before, it seemed an easy thing to find Margo or at least much easier than in the book. I know a movie can't be 3 hours long, but to me the scenes didn't reflect enough how Q felt on the inside. When he stayed alone in Agloe, the scenes expressed more emotions. The close-ups, the abandoned place. It proved the emptiness inside Q. But then he went to buy a bus ticket back to Orlando and afterwards he finally found Margo, but it wasn't emotional at all. I would prefer her to be cold-hearted to him and him becoming frustrated in a more intense way. She could start telling him how selfish he is because he only looks at the story through his own eyes, he sees it as running after a girl he loves, but he doesn't care she wants to find out who she is. She wants to define herself again and start all over again in a place where no one knows her. He could become even more frustrated because she called him selfish while he drove for 20 hours to find her, because he was worried about her. I would prefer to see a well built-up argument that ends up in frustration. So he has his ticket to go back and at that certain time she waits at him to talk things out and thank him for caring about her and they could simply end it with a hug, not a kiss. I think that was SO Hollywood. I preferred the platonic love in the book, where two lost souls try to understand this complicated world and their feelings.

So in general I would say, it was an easy movie to watch. I didn't have to think too much, it was more an adventure than a love story. It was nice to watch new actors prove their worth. There were funny moments, it wasn't sad at all. It didn't have any depth to me, which I usually don't enjoy. I probably won't re-watch it multiple times. The book was better, there were so many beautiful quotes in it. If I had to score the movie, I'd probably give it a 6 out of 10. The cast did a good job, the script was slightly too simple to me. Thank you, John Green for being such a talented man who knows how to put feelings into words in a beautiful way. Sometimes it goes a little far, which makes me think and wonder if I interpret them correctly, but keep on doing this. That's the depth I need while discovering new stories. 

I wanted to add some quotes that I enjoyed the most, but they aren't all on WeHeartIt, so I'll just write them down

♥︎ "The smell leaves me seized by desperate panic - panic not like my lungs are out of air, but like the atmosphere itself is out of air. I think maybe the reason I have spent most of my life being afraid is that I have been trying to prepare myself, to train my body for the real fear when it comes. But I am not prepared."

♥︎ "The conclusion seemed inescapable. Even with everything broken and decided inside her, she couldn't quite allow herself to disappear for good. And she had decided to leave her body - to leave it for me - in a shadow version of our subdivision, where her first strings had broken."

♥︎ "This is the value of our souvenirs, I think: you can't give this shit away."

♥︎ "Did you know that for pretty much the entire history of the human species, the average life span was less than 30 years? You could count on ten years or so of real adulthood, right? There was no planning for retirement. There was no planning for a career. There was no planning. No time for planning. No time for a future. But then the life spans started getting longer, and people started having more and more future, and so they spent more time thinking about it. About the future. And now life has become the future. Every moment of your life is lived for the future - you go to high school so you can go to college so you can get a good job so you can get a nice house so you can afford to send your kids to college so they can get a good job so they can get a nice house so they can afford to send their kids to college."

♥︎ "Maybe she deserved to be forgotten. But at any rate, I couldn't forget her."

♥︎ "Talking to a drunk person was like talking to an extremely happy, severely brain-damaged three-year-old."

♥︎ "This image seemed too sad to be true - it all struck me as so lonely and so unMargo. But all the evidence of the past ten days accumulated toward a surprising conclusion : Margo herself was - at least part of the time - very unMargo." 

♥︎ "I felt so detached from all this shit, all this high-school-is-ending-so-we-have-to-reveal-that-deep-down-we-all-love-everybody bullshit." 

♥︎ "And I could picture her again : she unravels the carpet halfway each night so het hip isn't against bare concrete as she lies on her side. She crawls beneath the blanket, uses the rest of the carpet as a pillow, and sleeps. But why here ? How is this better than home ? And if it's so great, why leave ? These are the things I cannot imagine, and I realise that I cannot imagine them because I didn't know Margo. I knew how she smelled, and I knew how she acted in front of me, and I knew how she acted in front of others, and I knew that she liked Mountain Dew and adventure and dramatic gestures, and I knew that she was funny and smart and just generally more than the rest of us. But I didn't know what brought her here, or what kept her here, or what made her leave. I didn't know why she owned thousands of records but never told anyone she even liked music. I didn't know what she did at night, with her shades down, with her door locked, in the sealed privacy of her room.
And maybe this was what I needed to do above all. I needed to discover what Margo was like when she wasn't being Margo."

♥︎ "The longer I do my job," he said, "the more I realise that humans lack good mirrors. It's so hard for anyone to show us how we look, and so hard for us to show anyone how we feel."
(...) "But isn't it also that on some fundamental level we find it difficult to understand that the other people are human beings in the same way that we are ? We idealise them as gods or dismiss them as animals.
(...) I was sitting back. I was listening. And I was hearing something about her about windows and mirrors. Chuck parson was a person. Like me. Margo Roth Spiegelman was a person, too. And I had never quite thought of her that way, not really; it was a failure of all my precious imaginings. All along - not only since she left, but for a decade before - I had been imagining her without listening, without knowing that she made as poor a window as I did. And so I could not imagine her as a person who could feel fear, who could feel isolated in a roomful of people, who could be shy about her record collection because it was too personal to share. Someone who might read travel books to escape to. Someone who - because no one thought she was a person - had no one to really talk to.
And all at once I knew how Margo Roth Spiegelman felt when she wasn't being Margo Roth Spiegelman: she felt empty. She felt the unscaleable wall surrounding her. I thought of her asleep on the carpet with only that jagged silver of sky above her. Maybe Margo felt comfortable there because Margo the person lived like that all the time : in an abandoned room with blocked-out windows, the only light pouring in through holes in the roof. Yes. The fundamental mistake I had always made - and that she had, in fairness, always led me to make - was this : Margo was not a miracle. She was not an adventure. She was not a fine and precious thing. She was a girl."

♥︎ "That was perfect, I thought : you listen to people so that you can imagine them, and you hear all the terrible and wonderful things people do to themselves and to one another, but in the end the listening exposed you more than it exposes the people you're trying to listen to."


MissCherry xo

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Poland for Dummies

Hi Guys !

I know ... It's August! And here I am back with many memories, new adventures tattooed on my soul and unfortunately a cold. I spent the past few days in bed, bc I had the flu. During. The. Summer. Crazy, I know. Last year we went to Poland in August and the weather was bad, so this year we came to the conclusion that July might be a better idea. Well, the weather at the seaside was most of the time less than 20 degrees, rain and wind. Now I'm stuck in this house for 5 days and it's 31 DEGREES outside. Do you feel me? Well, that was an emotional intro, so let me get to the point.

Of course I don't want to say that Poland is a boring country, because it has an impressive history and many great places to discover. Simply book your tickets and cross your fingers!

This year we decided to go to the seaside, to the Tricity - Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia. We stayed in Gdańsk, we had a really comfortable apartment in the middle of the city, so once we left we were in the centre within 5 minutes.

Day 1 

We arrived in Gdańsk around 3 pm, so we decided to hop on the "train" (it's something between a train and the metro, actually) and go to Sopot to see the sea. The picture below proves that it was windy. Spot the warm coffee I'm holding and the warm sweater I'm wearing.

Day 2

The weather in the morning didn't surprise us. It was really really cold ! We decided to go to the Gdańsk Shipyard, where a lot of history has been formed. Not only the history of Poland, but also of Europe and of the World.

Here are simply some pictures of the museum, because... Oh I forgot to tell you.
There is a museum in the Gdańsk Shipyard to explain what Solidarność a.k.a. Solidarity means.
They told us we needed around 2-3 hours to see the whole museum. We spent there 6 hours.
Yupp, 6 HOURS. And trust me, I wasn't bored at all.
You learn history, not by reading or listening to a (maybe) boring teacher.
You learn it by watching videos, walking around and seeing.
You can also touch a lot. You know screens I mean. 
You're your own guide and in my opinion, it couldn't be any more interesting.

Day 3

We basically walked around Sopot and in the evening around Gdańsk. I wanted to buy a book so badly, because I wanted to read Paper Towns faster, but that was also the only book I had taken with me. Unfortunately, I didn't find any book super interesting. I didn't want to read any romantic story AGAIN. I actually didn't know what I was looking for, haha. I simply wanted a good book.

A colourful fruit stand near our apartment :)

Crooked Little House a.k.a. Krzywy domek

The Saint Mary's Church a.k.a. Bazylika Mariacka
The largest (in my opinion, but according to Wikipedia it is ONE of the largest)
European Brick Gothic buildings. 

The famous Crane a.k.a. Żuraw

Neptune without his fountain :)
Dunno, if it's the real one as he has been stolen several times.

Day 4

This was a Sunday, that's something I know for sure, haha. Just walking around, enjoying life :)

That's the Saint Mary's Church on the inside.
It's beautiful!

There was also a Candy Factory and I really wanted to go there, 
the guy doing this was really handsome. It's true.

This is the arena built for the UEFA European Championship anno 2012 ! 
I really wanted to see it, haha.
So that's what we did. I entered the building and there was a guy looking 
from above his desk, hahaha
And I was like "I know it's 9 pm, but is there something I can see?"
And he was like "Uhm, not really. There was a game today, so it was actually closed the whole day"
"Oh, that sucks", I replied 
So he told me that I can just walk around over there, but there was simply a gym.
Nothing I was craving to see. 
So I asked him if he can check what time our tram is coming and complimented his hair.
But he still didn't let us in.
He was cool, though.

Day 5

We went to visit my aunt, so we had to take the train.
The view was amazing ! We saw the sea !

More pictures of the Gdańsk Shipyard

Day 6

We spent this day at the Beach.
No, I didn't swim, bc it was still cold
I was lying on the beach and I was taking my hoodie on and off
That was fun!

Day 7

And the last day in Gdańsk

We also went for one day to Giżycko. We actually did all that effort to go to a restaurant. But it was a really good restaurant ! It was La Bibliothèque at the Saint Bruno Hotel

My absolutely delicious dessert !

And there was also a storm!

And the next day was the flight back to Belgium...

Some Warsaw :)

I hope you enjoyed this post,

Miss Cherry xo

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Golden Elephants

Hi Guys !

It's getting late, but I got inspired, so I thought - why not write about it ? Don't ask me why, but this month I am in love with golden elephants. I am hunting for a T-shirt with an elephant made out of golden sequins. That is my goal, haha ! Haven't found one yet, but the summer has only begun.

However, there is much more than only clothes with elephant prints. So here it comes - watch and fall in love.

So let's kick off with jewellery

Keep it discreet

Or go all the way out

Wear it around your wrist

Or maybe around your ankle ?

Fingers and ears are also an option.

And then there's option B
Decorate your whole house and put golden elephants EVERYWHERE !

Aren't they lovely ? 
But if that's still not enough, why don't you simply print it on your body ?

I hope you love them as much as I do !

Miss Cherry xo