Friday, September 26, 2014

Make A Wish !

Hi Buddies !

Today College started for real :) Okay maybe not, because I had only one hour of English. I'm at home since 10 am, BUT I had to be there at 8 am. I KNOW, SO EARLY ! Tomorrow it'll start for real. I have some books already, so I started studying, just to be on the safe side. I'll have to study it anyway, so if I start today or next week, it doesn't really matter to me. I like English, so improving it is a pleasure, haha ! I sound so nerdy :)

Next, Please !

My Birthday is in one month ! I am SO happy ! Can't believe I'm turning 19 already ! Somehow, I'm happy, 'cause 18 wasn't the age I wanted to be. People don't take you seriously when you say you're 18. They're looking at you with this strange look and their thoughts are so obvious. They're like : 'Oh, you probably turned 17 last month and now you're pretending to be 18. #loser.'

So yeah. Every year, when my Birthday approaches and someone asks me what I want for my birthday, I'm like 'Idk. *awkward silence*'. This is why This Year I'm PREPARED !

#1 Disney Couture Jewelry

I saw it for the first time about 2 years ago and I fell in love ! 
As I'm a Quote Lover, the bracelets are my favourite ones :)

#2 Old Beautiful Typing Machine

I love writing. So I think this is something I should have :) 
& A Diary written on a Typing Machine looks much better than a printed note.

#3 Sunflowers

Because they're beautiful.
& when someone gives them to you, you feel like you received a piece of the sun.
That only shines for you.

#4 Bake me a Cake

It doesn't have to be as beautiful as this one. A simple cake will also make me smile.
"The greatest gift you can give someone is your time. Because when you give your time, you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back."
& also a simple cake with a lot of whipped cream so we can have a cake fight :)

#5 Cosmetics

You don't have to wear a lot of make up.
But every woman needs expensive cosmetics to feel better, right ?

#6 A Personal Scrap Book

A scrapbook with pictures of me and someone. 
Personal notes. Memories. Compliments.
That's like the most beautiful gift I could receive. 

#7 If I showed up with a plane ticket. Would you wanna run away too ? 

The answer is Yes ! I would love to explore the world. 
But you know, a ticket to Disneyland would also make me happy, haha ! 

#8 Blender for Smoothies

Smoothies are really healthy. & I love to drink them.
So I think it's a great gift :)

#9 Chess Game

I always wanted to learn how to play chess. & this summer I did ! 
I'm so proud of myself, haha ! I can't win, though. 
& if you're thinking about a cute kitty, you can also buy me one :)
My mom will be happy for sure.

#10 Quote Calendar

I think you already noticed I'm obsessed with Quotes. 
That's why a Calendar with a Quote for every day would make me happy every day of the year.

When's your Birthday ? Do you have something in mind you would love to receive ? Tell me in the comments below ! :) 

Love y'all,
MissCherry xo

My Song of the Week is Heroes by Alesso and Tove Lo. I love the chorus the most :)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Repeat what you love

Hey Buddies ! 

Since a week I'm back in Belgium! My room is quite messy and the only thing that is in my head is the fact that college begins in 11 days. & My body is again filled with mixed feelings. One part of me is like 'YAAAY! NEW CHAPTER OF MY LIFE STARTS SO SOON!' and then there's the other one who's like 'What if ... What if ... WHAT IF ... ?!'. I think this Grumpy Cat won't ever leave me. 

However summer isn't gone yet, the weather is pretty good and I'm not done with my Summer To-Do List ! There were so many things on it, I knew I wouldn't be able to do all of them. & even when I have some time left, I'm mostly sitting and not doing much. I just want to feel the freedom before it's gonna be too late, you know ? So yeah, that's the way my brain works :)

So today I went to IKEA to buy some furniture, but that's not what I'm gonna write about, haha :) Yesterday I wasn't doing much, like I said before and I still didn't want to feel pushed to do something. So I decided to do something, because I was just waisting my time. & I did AGAIN something that I can't do. That is "Playing Guitar". 

If you didn't know yet, I love Guitar Music. I like to listen to it. & also sing the lyrics while doing the dishes. & sing the guitar riffs while pirouette'ing through the room. I just love it. Somehow, my guitar hasn't ever been played well by me. I have it like maybe 10 years ? I really don't know. I received it a long time ago for Christmas. & I would love to play it, but I just don't know how to do it. I watched so many videos ! & I know some chords, but it just doesn't sound the way it should. 

So here I am. Little me trying to play such a complicated instrument without any help :) & NO, I am not complaining. It's more like a confession, because most blogs are shiny and tell you how beautiful someone's life is. Well that's cool to read, but I mean, no one is good at everything. 

I'm trying since a long time to do something I really like. & Even though my fingers hurt and I fail playing an easy song, it motivates me like nothing else. When I focus on chords and the sound of them, all my negative thoughts just leave. So do it and believe that some day you'll sit down or stand up and do the thing you love ! 

It doesn't matter how many times you re-wrote it on your List of Resolutions. As long as you love it, do it and enjoy a better life :) GOOD LUCK, BUDDIES !

Love y'all,
Miss Cherry xo

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rain & Shine

Hi Buddies !

Summer's almost gone. Most kids are at school, still believing they'll nail their New School Year Resolutions. & I am sitting here, hoping my first year at the university will be a succes. I don't really know what to expect, but let's hope I can do it. 

These are only thoughts, but one of the most obvious facts is that after summer, we'll have fall. & Fall in Belgium means rain. No, fall doesn't mean rain. Belgium means actually rain. 

Wearing expensive shoes isn't smart at all, 'cause you'll only throw your money away. & yeah, I know gumboots remind you of your grandparents' green, ugly, heavy shoes. Somehow, when I was walking around here in Poland I noticed so many girly and cute Rain Boots ! Until now I haven't bought any, 'cause they don't have my size or are very expensive. But today I about to go hunt again !

Here are some of these Rain Boots that will make you look great, even when it's grey and rainy. 'Cause the weather can make you feel bad, but if you look cute -even though it's fall- you'll feel good :)

Here you've got the basic Black ones.

Here you have them also in beige :)

And Navy Blue is also an option !

Here you see different combinations.

The beautiful brown ones *heart-eyes emoji* from La Garçonne.

Black, Blue & Red. 

Different colours and styles.

These have an extra decorative element, which makes them look more chic. 

These are designed by 

Black with studs by 
Ted Baker

& Now some brighter ones :)

These have been designed by
Vivienne Westwood

These too :)

& the ones I saw the most today !

Like you see, some are less expensive than others. They all look great, so I hope they'll have your size ! Which are your favourite ones ? I fell in love with them, so tell me what you think in the comments below !

Love y'all, MissCherry xo